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The Building Materials are the foundation of unswerving construction services. With the evolution of new techniques and construction designs, the demands from construction projects have increased and so have been the services of AL Argan Land make leading Building Materials Company in IRAQ. We bring a wide assortment of construction materials to satisfy the ever-growing needs of the customers while maintaining the credibility in handling high quality of services and goods.

From small jobs to extensions and new builds, you’ll find the widest range of building materials all in one place in our Stores. AL-Argan Land Company provide quality home improvements and building needs all over the city. Their hardware supplies include wire steel, Waterproofing & Damp Proofing Materials, Industrial Flooring, Membranes, Building Paints, Wood Coating, Tile Adhesives, Sanitary ware, Electrical, Hand Tools and Construction Equipment Our mission is to serve customers with such a focus and desire that our service will make the home improvement and building process enjoyable, exciting, and most importantly successful for everyone. We are a value-driven business who believes in strong relationships, taking care of the customer, superior service, and lasting trust.

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